BARKS Podcast with Dr. Dorothy Heffernan: March 19, 2021

Mar 22, 2021 | Podcast Library

Join Niki Tudge and guest Dr. Dorothy Heffernan as they discuss all things equine.

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See also Straight from the Horse’s Mouth where Dr. Heffernan discusses transitioning to bitless horseback riding in a BARKS blog post.

Dr. Dorothy Heffernan horse trainerDr. Dorothy Heffernan is a psychologist who applies her knowledge of learning, cognition and neuroscience to help horse guardians improve their horses’ lives through a changed approach to management, training and environment. She uses a force-free approach to training and enjoys making science fun and relatable. Since 2013, she has written a blog about horse behavior, Horses Under Our Skin, helping people understand why their horses act the way they do.

She is an endorsed trainer of the World Bitless Association and helps horse owners transition to bitless riding using positive reinforcement techniques. In addition, she works with horse, pony and donkey owners using an evidence-based approach to resolving behavior issues from handling, riding, transporting and husbandry problems.  She has been a chartered member of the British Psychological Society for nearly 20 years.