BARKS Podcast with Ken MacLeod of My Positive Pup: June 4, 2021

Jun 7, 2021 | Podcast Library

Ken MacLeod of My Positive Pup chats about the incredible results he got with his reactive puppy Scooter via positive reinforcement training and how they inspired him teach others.

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Ken McLeodKen MacLeod
KTA CTP of My Positive Pup is an Emmy-honored set designer, a positive reinforcement dog trainer, and a major Bruce Springsteen fan. Throughout his long career in the film industry, he designed sets for many iconic commercials, and worked on several television shows, such as Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and his decade-long residence at Saturday Night Live.

Working alongside Hollywood’s top talent, his love of animals has always been Ken’s primary passion. He graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy intending to learn skills to train his reactive puppy, Scooter.

After graduating the course, Ken saw such incredible results with Scooter via positive reinforcement training that he was inspired to begin taking on clients and teaching others the methods he had learned and developed that so benefited his pup.

My Positive Pup was founded three years ago. Ken, still working at Saturday Night Live, and can hardly keep up with the growth of his new business venture. 

You can follow Ken and Scooter’s story at @mypositivepup on Instagram.