BARKS Podcast with Rain Jordan of The Fearful Dogs Project: May 29, 2021

Jun 3, 2021 | Podcast Library

Join Niki Tudge and Rain Jordan of The Fearful Dogs Project, as they discuss how the initiative helps dogs — and the humans who care for them — move beyond fear and enjoy their lives together with as little distress, and as much joy. as possible.

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The Fearful Dogs Project is currently offering 10% off its Advanced Fear Abatement Mastery Program for PPG-member canine training professionals seeking the CFDP (Certified Fearful Dogs Professional) certification.

Additional group rate discount for 501c3 nonprofit rescues and shelters
may also be available for other program levels.

Please contact The Fearful Dogs Project for details.

The Fearful Dogs ProjectFearful Dogs Project is devoted to improving the world of and for fearful dogs, including feral, “semi-feral,” puppy-milled, traumatized, and other marginalized and disadvantaged dogs, by guiding people through the best practices for working and living with these often misunderstood animals.

Through its Fear Abatement Mastery (F.A.M.) Program, The Fearful Dogs Project helps companion canines and the humans who care for them move beyond fearful responses so that they may enjoy their lives together with as little distress and as much joy as possible.

The Fearful Dogs Project invites shelters, rescues, trainers, behavior consultants, veterinary professionals, animal welfare organizations, pet parents, and any others who find themselves living with or working around scared or otherwise marginalized dogs to join them.

Whether by supporting, learning with, certifying with, or hiring The Fearful Dogs Project, you’ll get the help you need to move you from general knowledge to specific, transformational outcomes.