How to Choose a Harness for Your Dog

Oct 22, 2020 | Education, Pet Guardians, Training

By Joan Hunter Mayer of PPG corporate partner Transpaw Gear®

TransPaw Gear dog harness

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Dog harnesses are a commonly chosen item, but the amount of dog gear for sale can make a pet parent’s head spin! Why choose harnesses over collars for attaching the leash on walks and adventures? And how do you choose the right harness for your pet?

Harness vs. Collar:

  • A collar can be too tight, risking physical injury – Dogs who pull while wearing a collar can put pressure on their necks, potentially injuring this sensitive area. Even without an injury, this can be uncomfortable for your canine companion.
  • Or too loose – Dogs can easily slip out of collars that aren’t fitted properly, which is dangerous for them and you.
  • What about “training collars” (electronic and pinch collars and choke chains?):
  • Pain, force and fear are in direct opposition to the Pawsitive Cultural Shift that devoted pet guardians and qualified, professional force-free dog trainers are creating.
  • Punishment does not teach an alternative, preferred behavior on walks (or in any situation).
  • Aversive training tools are not based on modern science and knowledge of learning theory and canine cognition.
  • Hurting or scaring your best friend is unethical and honestly, just cruel
  • They are potentially destructive to the bond between pet and guardian.
  • properly fit dog harness is a great way to overcome these issues.
Transpaw Gear dog harness

© TransPaw Gear®

How do you find the best dog walking harness?

You can start by asking these questions:

  • Is it easy to adjust for a custom fit? Choosing a harness with multiple adjustable straps will help you create the right fit for your pup.
  • Are there multiple attachment points for the leash?
  • Comfort – Is it designed for freedom of movement?
  • User friendly – Is it easy to put on and take off the pet?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • it water-friendly, allowing your dog to be a dog?
  • Is it escape proof?
  • Is it built to last?

It can be difficult to find the right product when there are so many dog harnesses for sale. It’s important to pick one that is easy for you to use and also comfortable for your dog. After years of working with dogs and their humans as a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, and seeing the frustrations they experienced with other products, I developed the Happy Harness to  make the search a little easier by addressing all of the elements listed above in my design.

Dog harness shopping can be overwhelming! Do your research, read reviews, and learn everything you can about the products that interest you. Your canine companion will thank you! Here’s to unleashing adventures and harnessing fun!

Joan Hunter Mayer, founder of Transpaw Gear © TransPaw Gear®

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About TransPaw Gear®
TransPaw Gear® remains a small but mighty operation built on transparency and compassion. Most importantly though, we are always keeping an eye on the mission of bringing dogs and humans together. For instance, walking and adventuring are beneficial to the dog-human bond. So, I am hoping that this product will encourage people to unleash adventures and harness fun, from the dog’s point of view. With the combination of quality force-free equipment and excellent training skills, more people can confidently explore dog-friendly places in their towns and neighborhoods and participate in activities that are mutually enjoyable and relationship-enhancing. Here’s to all of you who are harnessing the power and beauty of the dog-human bond!