If They Could March

Apr 4, 2014 | Pet Guardians

re blogged from  Your Pit Bull and You

If They Could March

by Jean Donaldson

If dogs could march on Washington, what would they march about?  Adequate food, shelter, veterinary care?  Big ticket stuff, but I doubt it.  When people march, it’s never for something everybody already agrees on and for which there are laws on the books.  Everybody gets it that it’s Wrong and Bad and Illegal to starve dogs.  It’d be like people marching on Washington against burglary.

What about dog fighting?  It’s a hellish scourge, which the world finally found out about when Michael Vick hit the news.  But the consciousness-raising on that issue has gained traction.  No sane people are for dog fighting in 2014.  Plus, in terms of scale and lack of recognition of the problem, dogs have got something even worse to march about.


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