BARKS Podcast with Kelly Duggan of Kelly Duggan Design: July 24, 2020

Jul 27, 2020 | Podcast Library

In this BARKS Podcast, we “Chat & Chuckle” with Kelly Duggan of Kelly Duggan Design, a Pet Professional Guild approved vendor.

Kelly Duggan BARKS podcast

© Kelly Duggan

Kelly wears many hats and has several roles in our industry, from her own business to supporting the Academy for Dog Trainers to working behind the scenes helping the Pet Professional Guild with their new website.

In this podcast, we talk to Kelly about marketing and websites and how you can best leverage your website to service more clients and help more pets. The conversation wanders from graphic design to navigation to capturing important client data and making it really easy for clients to book services. We even go down the “time management” road. Plus, you not only learn what Kelly keeps close at hand on her desk in this episode, but host Niki Tudge has a reveal too!

Find Kelly on her website and Facebook page.

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