PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: Cooperation, Control, and Counterconditioning

May 20, 2020 | Education, PPG Summit, Training

BARKS presents session details from PPG’s 2020 Summit and Workshops in Phoenix, Arizona

Session Details:
Presenter: Leslie McDevitt
Session Title:Cooperation, Control, and Counterconditioning
Session Type: Lecture/Lab (1.5 Hours)

The presenter will discuss two cooperative counterconditioning games from her new book Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed. These groundbreaking games were created to empower dogs to direct their own counterconditioning procedures. Voluntary Sharing (VS) is for dogs who have difficulty sharing resources or taking turns. Requested Approach Training (RAT) is for dogs who are reactive to being approached, or approaching others (people, dogs, etc.). Both VS and RAT use start button behaviors to allow the dogs to start and stop the game.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to use start button behavior to allow the dog to take control of his training.
  • Understand how to implement the steps of the VS protocol for resource guarders successfully.
  • Understand how to implement the steps of the RAT protocol for dogs with approach anxiety successfully.

PPG Summit 2020 will take place in Phoenix, Arizona and offer two unique programs:

Program 1: The Four-Day Summit
Program 2: The Four-Day Summit + Daily Off-Site Workshops at the Arizona Humane Society

Dates: Friday, September 18 – Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Event theme: Collaborative Care and Enrichment – Creating Partnerships for Positive Results

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