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If you would like to contribute to BARKS from the Guild, please read the guidelines below then submit your materials for consideration using this form.


BARKS Submission Guidelines for Articles and Advertisements


  1. The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) is not responsible for unsolicited submissions, manuscripts, photographs and other submitted material.
  2. Submissions will not be returned.
  3. Submissions constitute permission for PPG, at its sole discretion, to use the submitted materials, in whole or in part, as they deem fit and without compensation to the submitter.
  4. The editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding matters of content, layout, or date of publication.
  5. For reasons of space and editorial content, PPG reserves the right to delete or alter any solicited or unsolicited information or part thereof, that is submitted or reserved for inclusion in the publication.
  6. Articles must be submitted as a Word document with the author’s name, professional credentials and a short bio with relevant links.
  7. Authors must be PPG corporate partners or members for their submissions to be considered. Guest posts are not accepted.
  8. Word counts are flexible, but BARKS articles usually run between 1,000-2,000 words.
  9. Submission gives PPG the express permission to translate the material into other languages as required by its international membership.
  10. Articles submitted must be original work and submitted by the author or with written permission by the author.
  11. If an article has been submitted to more than one media source or has been previously published, this information must be disclosed at the time of submission.
  12. Articles of a scientific nature and/or a review of the current literature must follow these guidelines.
  13. To submit a Case Study for publication, you may wish to use our Case Study Template as a guide.
  14. To submit your Member Profile for consideration, please fill out our Member Profile submission form.
  15. BARKS uses APA Style for citations. Please watch this short video to make sure your article adheres to the correct citation guidelines.
  16. Any photos or graphics submitted must be your own, or you must have written permission from the copyright holder for BARKS to use them. In the latter instance, please contact us to request a copy of our Photo Release Form.
  17. Permission to reprint part of whole articles must be granted by PPG in writing.
  18. If an article is cited or referred to in another publication, digital or print, please respect our copyright and reference the magazine title, title of article, date of publication, relevant page numbers (if applicable), and a do follow backlink to the original blog post or page, e.g. First published in BARKS from the Guild, September 2019, pp.6-8 Please contact us for further clarification, if needed.
  19. Please contact the editor with any further content- or contribution-related questions.