Dog Owners Appreciative of Gear Swap

Aug 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

By Kathy Reilly

© Kathy Reilly

In April, we participated in Pet Palooza, a local event which was sponsored by the Charlotte Humane Society…In order to attract people to our booth and really begin to change their minds about aversive training devices, however, we planned a trade-in program. Much like PPG’s gear switch program, Project Trade, we offered free harnesses to anyone that would trade in their shock, prong, or choke collar. The result was amazing…If a dog passed our booth wearing a shock, prong or choke collar, we would approach (with harness in hand) and ask if the owner would like a free harness. Our approach was: “We would love to show you how this harness works and give it to you for free. All we ask is that, if you like the harness, you give us the collar your dog is currently wearing.” Only one or two people refused to trade. The rest were so happy to be shown a different way to walk their dog. Several people even hugged us in gratitude. Read more.