Stay Safe: Plan Ahead

Dec 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

By Daniel Antolec

© Can Stock Photo/Quasarphoto

Anyone working with dogs understands the need for safety, but the member of the family you are working with that has a furry coat and 42 teeth may not pose the greatest threat. In conversation with some colleagues recently, I was surprised how many had experienced dangerous clients, whether in a group class or a private session.
Many canine behavior and training professionals are women, and very distressingly, most victims of violent crime in the culture of my homeland, the United States, are women. During my time in the police force, I studied violence and found, too often, that women caregivers were singled out by predatory men because they were identified as more vulnerable. I found that personally offensive and struggled against it.
Now I want to help my fellow canine professionals stay safe in all situations and am about to give you some practical advice based upon my experience.